KnifeNews: Artisan Returns to Popular Model with Perfect Pyrite Project

Amidst more standard reveals and debuts, Artisan Cutlery launched something unusual to coincide with Blade Show 2023: a Kickstarter project to fund the return of their Pyrite model. Dubbed the Perfect Pyrite, it is being released under Artisan’s CJRB label in four different tiers.

The original Pyrite released in 2022. Like many CJRB releases, it aimed to be a feature-rich, but affordable, everyday carry knife. Prototypes started going out and the Pyrite struck a chord with users; so much so that, not long after that initial release, Artisan came up with the Pyrite-Alt, which had a reverse tanto blade rather than the spear original – and it’s that variation that is returning as the Perfect Pyrite.

The core remains the same: a 3.11-inch, reverse tanto blade married to an unobtrusive handle design, backed up by a button lock mechanism. The primary differences here are in the details, and it gets a bit complicated because Artisan is offering the Perfect Pyrite in four different tiers, each with their own blade and handle materials.

Artisan keeps plugging along, though they have been less accessible than in years past.

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Artisan Returns to Popular Model with Perfect Pyrite Project