KnifeNews: Boker Brings Accomplice out of Retirement with New Steel

John Gray‘s first Boker collaboration, the Accomplice fixed blade, is being brought out of retirement this year with a new blade steel. The new Accomplice swaps in the hardest working budget steel around for its 2023 revival.

It’s easy to lose track of Boker releases, or even miss some altogether – the company is so prolific that things inevitably slip though the cracks. The first version of the Accomplice released a few years ago. it was one of those maker collabs that is a more or less direct translation of a custom piece – it even has the same name as the handmade Gray original.

The custom Accomplice blends tactical design language with an everyday carry size classification. The blade, available in several shapes, is not huge – around 3.25 inches – but its paired to comparatively long handle that’s made even roomier thanks to the finger ring on the end.

I have to admit, I was not familiar with the original. But I am not a big

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Boker Brings Accomplice out of Retirement with New Steel