KnifeNews: Boker Brings out Modern Barlow Tribute with MagnaCut

If you’re a modern traditional fan, you’ve been eating good for a few years now, and if these early days are any indicator, the feast should continue through 2024. Case in point: amongst the incoming models from Solingen giant Boker is the BRLW, a tribute to a legendary traditional pattern rendered in advanced materials.

All the traditional patterns have their fans, but no pattern benefited as much from the modern traditional craze as the barlow. Perhaps this is because, as an everyday carry-friendly single blade knife, it’s close in spirit to our modern folders. Or, maybe it’s because that teardrop handle, with its huge forward bolster, just looks cool, and lends itself to reiterations and riffs in all sorts of sizes and styles. The barlow also has a long history over at Boker, as a longtime model in their Solingen-produced traditional knives portfolio.

I like the intro sentence.  Solid writing, and the author isn’t wrong.

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Boker Brings out Modern Barlow Tribute with MagnaCut