KnifeNews: Bradford Guardian Family Grows Yet Again

The fixed blade gurus over at Bradford USA recently dropped the Guardian 4.2, the newest version of their flagship knife. The Guardian 4.2 falls right between Guardians 4 and 4.5 in terms of size, and comes with the usual, extensive suite of customization options.

The Guardian is the core model in Bradford’s lineup, sitting on the coveted flagship knife throne over there for many years. We last wrote about the Guardian in 2017, when the sheepsfoot variation released; but the intervening years have seen the Guardian family grow and grow, and now there are more than a dozen models available – and that’s before you take into account the customization options for buyers, with options for handle scales, steel, grind, and materials to consider.

I reviewed a Guardian 3 Wharncliffe back in my TTAK days. I liked it. And I am always happy to see Brad Larkin doing well.

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Bradford Guardian Family Grows Yet Again