KnifeNews: Chuck Gedraitis Makes Micro Switchblade Custom

Blade Show: ever heard of it? It’s happening next month, and knife-related social media is ablaze with teasers, previews, and full-on reveals. We’ve naturally got plenty more coverage coming down the pike but we just had to highlight this Blade Show piece from Chuck Gedraitis: a custom automatic that’s barely bigger than a dime.

Yes, this is officially the smallest automatic knife Gedraitis has ever made – but how small is small? Well, the thing is just 2.5 inches open, with the pen knife-style blade deployed. The blade itself is a mere 1 inch in length, so if you were the lucky owner of this cutie you would probably use it for only the lightest of light backup chores. The blade steel is damascus, rendered here in the ‘Turkish Twist’ pattern, a technique that results in four-pointed asterisms in the surface of the steel – noticeable even here on this minuscule blade.

Chuck is an interesting guy. Heck of a maker with some really impressive art knives. I always enjoy chatting with him at the show.

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Chuck Gedraitis Makes Micro Switchblade Custom