KnifeNews: Civivi Elementum Makes Leap into Utility Knife Genre

Civivi just revealed a fresh variant of their evergreen Elementum model; no surprise there. What is surprising is just what form this latest version takes: it melds the Elementum form with a traditional, replaceable blade utility knife. Meet the Civivi Elementum Utility.

A smash hit for Civivi and their most instantly-recognizable model, the Elementum’s success lead to quite the corral of sequels and spin-offs. It’s been sized up, shrunk down, turned into a tanto, formed into a fixed blade – it even jumped from the budget-oriented Civivi catalog into the premium We Knife lineup. And on top of all of this, there are the special editions, with different scales, steels, and aesthetic options to take into account as well: Christmas Elementums, Halloween Elementums……in other words, this is a model with a huge family tree.

I have two variants of the Elementum. It is a good knife and no surprise as to its popularity. It will be interesting to see if this takes off.

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Civivi Elementum Makes Leap into Utility Knife Genre