KnifeNews: CRKT Celebrates 29th Birthday with New Website

It looks like Columbia River Knife and Tool – CRKT to its friends – is gearing up for some mid-year activity, starting with the implementation of a brand new website today. The company says that the new site will play to their brand strengths, and that it presages some incoming product announcements.

2023 marks CRKT’s 29th year in the knife biz. “After nearly three decades in business, we’re still learning, growing and striving every day,” writes CRKT’s VP of Marketing & Innovation, Doug Flagg, in the official press release. “we are continually inspired and motivated by those who carry our knives and tools.” To that end, customer experience was a major concern during the redesign. Most of us do most of our knife-buying from dealers rather than directly from a manufacturer; but CRKT has always offered the entire active product line on their own site, and there have been special knives (like the twin special edition Facets last month) that are only available there. So we can expect the online shopping and ordering experience to be streamlined after the 2023 overhaul.

It really is quite a change from the heavy, green and black color scheme of their old website.  Pretty good UI as well.

Read the whole thing:

CRKT Celebrates 29th Birthday with New Website