KnifeNews: Custom Knife Factory Passes 10 Year Milestone

Custom Knife Factory passed an important milestone when it turned 10 last week. The company is still going strong after a decade in the high-end folder market, and recently teased a new design from Alexey Konygin called the OK. Slated for release in late summer, the OK sees Konygin delivering another knife with an impressively distinct visual style.

Konygin is a recurring collaborator at CKF, but also an established presence in the custom knife scene. Konygin likes to elevate the aesthetic of his designs, metamorphosing both the handles and blades into unprecedented forms, always made from high end materials and meticulously put together. Much the same applies to Konygin’s CKF work; even a tamer design like the Decepticon would be the outlier in a more traditional maker’s portfolio.

I truthfully don’t have a lot of experience with CKF. Geezer’s Edge on IG is a friend of mine and the quality of his modern folder collection is beyond reproach, as is his knowledge of knives. He speaks very highly of CKF.


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I don’t envy the row they have to hoe though, being a Russian company in this environment. They obviously have nothing to do with their country’s foreign policy. But as the African proverb states, “When the elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers”.

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Custom Knife Factory Passes 10 Year Milestone