KnifeNews: Emerson Expands Tim Kennedy Collab with Fixed Blade Release

Back in April (y’know, when it was warming up instead of cooling down), we talked about the Emerson Knives TKF-1, a folding knife collaboration between the company and former MMA fighter Tim Kennedy. Now, the Kennedy/Emerson partnership is growing with the release of the promised fixed blade, the TK.

The TK family resemblance is immediate and unmistakable; the sinewy, stylized bowie shape echoes what we saw on its folding forbear, albeit longer here at 4.8 inches. Emerson itself describes the TK as an all-arounder, sized and spec’d to flex neatly into several different roles: outdoors knife, tactical piece, general hard user. The saber grind applied here is a good choice for a knife like this, because it is innately more resilient to shocks, twists, and other, general rough and tumble hazards.

Don’t have much to say about this one. Kennedy is well regarded in the SOF and Knife communities. Obviously, Emerson’s reputation is near the top of this niche.

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Emerson Expands Tim Kennedy Collab with Fixed Blade Release