KnifeNews: James Brand Kline Gets Outfitted with Molten Carbon Fiber

James Brand has just expanded the Kline line with a new, dressier variation of the knife. Clad in marbled carbon fiber but with the same workhorse dimensions and premium blade steel, the carbon fiber Kline adds an upscale variant into the pool of options for this US-made folder.

If you don’t have or don’t know the Kline, here’s the recap: originally released in 2022, the Kline made waves, not just as another EDC knife in the company’s lineup, but as their first made-in-the-USA knife. The core of the experience was the mid-sized 3.4-inch blade, drawn in a handsome, wide drop point with a generous hollow grind down to the edge. Equipped with MagnaCut steel from the beginning, the Kline struck a sweet spot for users in the market for a premium folder with a distinct sense of style, the latter being something that James has excelled at from the off, when it opened the doors with the Chapter folder all the way back in 2013.

It is good to see James Brand increase the options on their first USA made knife. It would be even better to see them release a new USA made model.

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James Brand Kline Gets Outfitted with Molten Carbon Fiber