KnifeNews: KA-BAR Custom Shop Renders Becker Design in MagnaCut

Don’t let April close out without taking a peek at this new, limited edition Becker fixed blade from KA-BAR and its custom shop arm, State & Union. The BK76 is not only a high-quality fixie, it is also the first KA-BAR knife to be made from (you guessed it) MagnaCut steel.

It looks like the BK76’s nearest relation in the production KA-BAR catalog would be the BK16. The blade profiles – handsome, broad, flat ground drop points – are nearly identical, although the 76 is a bit longer, running out to 4.88 inches. The shape and length make this one an obvious choice for all-purpose outdoors fixed blade, something that straddles the line sizewise, neither too big nor too small, and so finds itself capable of doing most chores with ease.

I would probably pull the trigger on a BK16 in MagnaCut.  This one is just different enough in profile and size to not appeal to me as much.

Your Mileage may Vary.

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KA-BAR Custom Shop Renders Becker Design in MagnaCut