KnifeNews: Limited Edition ZT0450 Comes Clad in Vibrant Carbon Fiber

A limited edition of a longstanding Zero Tolerance favorite arrived with dealers this week. The ZT 0450CFDAMS goes all in on showstopping visuals, with a damascus blade and striking showside handle scile, while keeping the classic Dmitry Sinkevich design perfectly preserved underneath the bling.

It’s been a while since we’ve had occasion to mention the 0450, but back when this one released it was the talk of the town. It was one of several collaborations between Zero Tolerance and Dmitry Sinkevich – a partnership that was key in ushering in the new age of ZT, where the company tempered its penchant for overbuilt blades with features long asked for by the community, refining the character of their knives without sacrificing it. The 0450 in particular targeted the EDC crowd, with a 3.25-inch blade in a compact and cool 2.9 oz. frame. Upon its release, the 0450 became one of those knives that appeared on just about every gear reviewer’s table, and to this day it is a bestseller for ZT.

ZT has made some really iconic knives, but seems like they haven’t made a splash in a while.

Don’t get me wrong, I really love limited editions, sprint runs, and the like, but it still reminds me of the Simpsons: