KnifeNews: Lucas Burnley Kihon Gets New Crossbar Variant

Lucas Burnley is back with a fresh release under the Boker Plus line. Meet the Kihon DC, a new, budget-oriented take on one of his most popular designs.

The Kihon, as a design, may be in Burnley’s top three in terms of visibility; we’d rank it behind only the omnipresent Kwaiken and the Squid. The Kihon has much more in common with the former than the letter, as Burnley built it too on a foundation informed by Asian styles of blade design. The result was a knife that landed right in that do-all EDC zone, with a low-key, pared back design that looks cool without going over the top. In the production realm, the Kihon has been an ongoing project between Burnley and Boker, with models appearing every so often over the years.

I think that a crossbar lock offers the best combination of figetability and function of any lock out there. Paired with a Burnly knife…I am sure that this will sell like crazy. I want one.

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Lucas Burnley Kihon Gets New Crossbar Variant