KnifeNews: Lucas Burnley Returns to Kwaiken for Stiletto-Inspired Riff

The Kihon isn’t the only Lucas Burnley knife seeing a line expansion this fall. His famous Kwaiken model also gets a totally new flavor, called the Kwaiken Sym. The Sym sees Burnley infusing the traditional Eastern-inflected Kwaiken model with some of the hallmark characteristics of Italian stiletto knives.

With a catalog as expansive and diverse as the Boker Plus lineup, it’s hard to hold up a single model as the flagship; but that being said, the Kwaiken comes as close as any other knife in that vast selection to snagging the title. It wasn’t the first, nor the last, folding knife to take some inspiration from Eastern design philosophy, but the Kwaiken really resonated with users and, in addition to a large fan base, has been lucky enough to appear and reappear in many different variations.

I don’t know. By making it a dagger, it removes the distinctive swept lines of the Kwaiken. Not a bad knife, I think it loses its pedigree though.

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Lucas Burnley Returns to Kwaiken for Stiletto-Inspired Riff