KnifeNews: MagnaCut Makes its Way into the ESEE Lineup

MagnaCut’s quest for total global saturation continues with the super steel’s first appearance in the ESEE lineup, on an incoming fixed blade called the Sencillo. This one comes from Jeff Randall and, while the steel is new, the Sencillo itself adheres to ESEE’s core tenets of rugged functionality.

In today’s knife world, ESEE remains an outlier in their preference for simple, time-tested carbon steels over the flashier stuff. “ESEE Knives has never been known to favor these magical steels, thus the reason most of their knives are made from 1095,” the company themselves wrote in a recent Instagram post about the Sencillo. And, in fact, the first Sencillo prototype Randall produced from his original Sharpie drawing was made from A2, another veteran tool steel.

This looks like it would be a good blade to use to test MagnaCut. Much more universally useful than the dagger-like blade of the CRKT Redemption.

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MagnaCut Makes its Way into the ESEE Lineup