KnifeNews: New Hoo Knife First to Implement Traditional Slipjoint

Hoo Knives is back at it, showing off the first images of a new knife project over on their Instagram. This fourth Hoo model departs in a major way from the V trilogy, with a different look and different non-locking mechanics.

Named after England’s famous Sutton Hoo excavations in early 20th century, Hoo Knives has, over the course of its three releases, focused on designing modern folders spec’d for users in the UK, where knife laws are particularly strict, with edicts dictating both the blade length and necessitating there be no locking mechanism on folders.

All three knives in Hoo’s “V” Trilogy – the V1, V2, and V3 – featured detent-style non-locking mechanisms. The detent style is a more modern approach to non-locking knives; ball detents keep the blade closed as they do on most modern knives, but also secure while open. It’s a format especially well-suited to making non-locking flippers, which two of the V knives were.

I don’t know much about Hoo knives, though a little digging shows that they are technically an Irish company. I am assuming from the price points that they are largely of Asian manufacture, though I could be wrong.

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New Hoo Knife First to Implement Traditional Slipjoint