KnifeNews: Ontario Surprises RAT 1 Fans with S35VN Variant

One of the last reveals from Ontario in its new for 2023 product blitz was also one of its most exciting. The company is bringing out the RAT 1, their flagship EDC folder, in an upgraded version this year. New color, new handle material, and a new steel help make the RAT 1 feel fresh again.

The RAT 1 is one of the canonical budget knives, a folder that, even many years after its original release, still draws in plaudits and gets recommended as a go-to affordable, quality pocket knife. “No Nonsense” is a term that we throw around a lot when describing knives, but if it’s applicable anywhere it’s applicable here: the RAT 1’s roomy handle, robust liner lock, and eye-catching drop point blade all came together in a package that didn’t break the bank, and could reasonably serve you for the rest of your life (y’know, if the knife buying bug never bit you again)

Ontario has really upped their cam the past couple of years. Their Camp Plus line is fantastic, they have a new MagnaCut fixed blade, and giving the venerable RAT 1 an upgrade seems like a great idea.

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