KnifeNews: Spartan Blades Clandestina is Latest Collaboration with Harsey

Spartan Blades brought a new headliner collaboration fixed blade to SHOT Show 2024, the Clandestina, a fixed blade that hearkens to a long tradition of military knives, but infused with modern design sensibilities and materials.

At the core of the Clandestina concept is the blade shape, an aerodynamic spear point that measures 5.5 inches long. Harsey has an impressive history of work for all sorts of demanding military clientele, so you can bet this length and shape were chosen with great purpose and vision. The Clandestina’s blade is big enough to be fully capable in scenarios both dramatic and domestic, outdoors and in; it is, in other words, a high-performance workhorse, and it comes with a blade steel to match: CPM-MagnaCut.


I couldn’t help myself.

In seriousness, this looks like another hit from Spartan. Harsey has a devoted following, and Spartan does a great job of translating his designs to production.

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SHOT Day 1: Spartan Blades Clandestina is Latest Collaboration with Harsey