KnifeNews: Spartan Produces Version of KA-BAR with MagnaCut Steel

Spartan Blades, always close to KA-BAR, has partnered with the venerable Oleans, NY company to produce a high-end version of their most popular fixed blade, the USMC Fighter. The Spartan KA-BAR takes things to the next level with the appearance, for the first time in either company’s lineup, of CPM MagnaCut steel.

In the pantheon of legendary production knives, the KA-BAR USMC occupies a spot near the very top. Entering production at the start of World War II, the knife was adopted by U.S. Armed Forces and saw duty all over the world; after the war ended, the USMC was so ubiquitous that people refer to it as a “KA-BAR” the same way they call the Folding 110 Hunter a “Buck.” The USMC Fighter has remained in production ever since, and served as the muse for more than one other custom maker and production manufacturer (look to 2021’s Hinderer KaBar as a recent example).

Of course, regular KNIFE readers will know that we have been all over this release since SHOT Show.

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Spartan Produces Version of KA-BAR with MagnaCut Steel