KnifeNews: Tommaso Rumici and Viper Go back to the Basics

Tommaso Rumici‘s latest production collaboration made its debut at IWA earlier this month. The Basic line is a family of three EDCable fixed blades, each with a different blade shape to cater to different cutting preferences.

Rumici’s work spans genres and formats; he’s produced folders of both the locking and non-locking variety, specialized tools for first responders, big fixed blades, and little ones too. The Basic knives are small fixed blades, sized and spec’d for daily carry. They bear a strong family resemblance to another Rumici/Viper collab, the Berus knives from 2020. There were two Berus models, but Rumici expanded the Basic series to include three, each with a different blade shape: a clean drop point for Basic 1, angular sheepsfoot Basic 2, and a spear point for Basic 3.

The Italian companies are big on small EDC fixed blades. This one seems great, there is the MKM Terzuola Pocket Fixed, and another I am privy to on the way.

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Tommaso Rumici and Viper Go back to the Basics