KnifeNews: Toni Tietzel Brings Wharnto Blade Shape to We Knife Co.

German maker Toni Tietzel returns to the We Knife lineup for the fall with his third design for the company, called the Ignio. The Ignio flaunts a newly-minted blade shape that Tietzel calls the “wharnto,” making it an unusual everyday carry piece.

At 3.3 inches, the Ignio’s blade length is nothing surprising, either from We specifically or the knife industry as a whole, as knives in this size class may be more common now in 2023 than they’ve ever been, but the blade shape itself will surprise without a doubt. Tietzel calls it a “wharnto,” a hybrid blade that blends characteristics of both the wharncliffe and the tanto. The resulting blade is a singular mix of disparate traits: there’s a wharncliffe-like elongated point, but it comes out of the secondary tanto edge; the demarcation between the secondary and primary edges is a bit rounder than the average American tanto; and both edges are straight, almost as if two wharnies had been attached together by a joint.

Wharnto? Really?

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Toni Tietzel Brings Wharnto Blade Shape to We Knife Co.