KnifeNews: TuffKnives Returns to CIVIVI for Tanto Concept 22

The newest fixed blade from CIVIVI is the Concept 22, an aggro design from Geoff Blauvelt of TuffKnives. The Concept 22 brings a brash blade shape and straightlaced handle design together to create something both stylish and useful.

Measuring 4.8 inches, the Concept 22’s blade is sizeable to begin with – but its stage presence is heightened by its shape, an exaggerated tanto. The proportions here are what gives it its particular attitude: the ‘secondary’ edge is longer than the primary one, beginning way back on the profile and sweeping up towards the tip. It’s a shape that Blauvelt has been using in some of his custom work before now.

Kinda fills the same niche as the Tom Brown Tracker. Looks like a versatile bush knife.

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TuffKnives Returns to CIVIVI for Tanto Concept 22