KnifeNews: Vaquita Mini Kukri Returns under Civivi Brand

Spring is in full flush over here at KnifeNews HQ, which means that Summer is already on the horizon. Civivi just showcased its first June batch of knives, and it includes a fixed blade from Nate Matlack called the Vaquita II, sequel to a discontinued WE Knife Co. model.

The Vaquita II is clearly a kukri; that much is clear from even a glance at the product page. It has that unmistakable, downturned, dog-leg style blade, possibly adapted from ancient farming implements and typically adept at chopping and demanding brushwork. However, if you look at Vaquita II’s specs, you’ll see that this knife’s blade length measures just 3.2 inches – quite small compared to average examples of the form, putting chopping out of the question.

I just covered this one in my Knife News column for the June issue (went to press yesterday).

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Vaquita Mini Kukri Returns under Civivi Brand

Here is what I wrote:

WE Knife Co. releases Vaquita II under Civivi label

The Nate Matlock-designed Vaquita is a bit of an outlier for the major Chinese production companies, who typically focus on their premium folder designs. But every once and a while they produce a fixed blade knife of note. The Laquita was first released by WE Knife Company under their eponymous premium label, but now they are bringing the Vaquita II to market under their budget Civivi brand.

This kukri patterned neck knife may lack the weight and chopping proficiency of a full sized kukri, but the forward bend in the blade offers a force-multiplying geometry that will eclipse more typical 3.2” bladed knives in general, and pretty much any production neck knife available. Overall length is 6.23”.

MSRP for the satin finish and G10 handles is $67, with the canvas micarta and black coated Nitro V blade retails for a couple of dollars more. The Laquita comes with a kydex sheath and beaded lanyard chain.

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