KnifeNews: We Knife Co. Readies Next Wave of LE Knives

We Knife Co. is fixing to drop a new limited edition knife in the near future. The Nexusia comes with a striking design elevated with all the expected bells and whistles on the material side of things.

A biggish, organic drop point is on offer on the Nexusia, which is an in-house design. At 3.48-inches it’s not a huge blade, but the wide profile and stylized, XL fuller give it a larger presence than the bare dimensions would indicate. As is often the case with limited edition knives, we don’t think many of these bad boys will be pressed into any ongoing use; but the Nexusia certainly would make a capable everyday carry if any owner is so inclined. The flipper works on ceramic ball bearings of course, and has an ergonomic forward finger choil underneath the cutting edge – it should also help with sharpening, making it easier to get all the way to the bottom of the edge.

WE has really pulled ahead of the pack of both OG Chinese knife companies and the new generation of upstarts. A lot of this can be credited to Seth Ercanbrack, their North American representative, who was able to keep moving the ball forward during the pandemic.

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We Knife Co. Readies Next Wave of Limited Edition Knives