KnifeNews: Work Sharp Precision Adjust Goes Pro

Work Sharp is building on the success of its Precision Adjust Sharpener today with the first production run of the new Professional Precision Adjust. This third variation expands and refines the capabilities established by the original Precision Adjust and the Elite followup.

Released in 2020, the Precision Adjust was designed by Steve Baker, a longtime Work Sharp employee and now Production Line Manager for the company, who spent hours immersed in research and prototyping to create it. In the interview linked above Baker described the Precision Adjust as an attempt to innovate on the rod and clamp sharpener genre (which has been around for many years) in a way that spoke to both enthusiasts and more general users – a spot in the market that Work Sharp often aims for.

I know I have shared other posts on this, but I am trying this from my iPad so take it for what it is worth.

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Work Sharp Precision Adjust Goes Pro

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