KnifeSteelNerds: Artisan’s AR-RPM9 False Advertising? (and Artisan Response)

Dr. Larrin Thomas, creator of MagnaCut steel and the knife community’s favorite metallurgist, recently took Artisan Cutlery to task over its marketing of Artisan’s proprietary AR-RPM9 steel, which the company has touted as a less expensive option in a steel that performs like a more premium blend.

Specifically, he takes issue with the claim it is “particle steel” for reasons he describes.

Artisan issued a response on their Instagram Page


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As the technical details are beyond my level of expertise, I can’t offer much of an opinion. I think that the “lost in translation” excuse is at least plausible, if the Chinese patent does in fact highlight the powder nature of the injection. I just don’t know enough.

If it were in fact a deliberate effort to deceive, then pox on them. Go on Dr. Larrin for getting to the bottom if it.

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