KnifeThoughts: The “Rider by CC” and the Reemergence of the Harness Jack

The Rider by CC is the latest in a string of incredible Special Factory Orders for Charlie Campagna by Great Eastern Cutlery, and a classic Harness Jack.

Who is Charlie Campagna?

Charlie Campagna is a knife collector whose passion has helped spur the re-popularization of traditional knives. His special factory orders have contributed greatly to the reemergence of classic knife patterns like the Barlow (if you love Barlows, check out the Barlow Bearcat Club here!) and the Harness Jack. Whether on the forums or in person at knife shows, like the Great Eastern Cutlery Rendezvous, his generous sharing of knowledge and jovial yet reserved temperament has been a boon to the traditional knife community. Here’s a link to a great Q&A from in 2004, that might help to illuminate who Charlie is.

Knife Thoughts did a great job on this. Particularly on the history of the pattern.

Read the whole thing:

The “Rider by CC” and the Reemergence of the Harness Jack as Spurred by Charlie Campagna