Mark Zalesky drops in on the Catch Bit Show Podcast

Neal Punchard is not just a KNIFE Magazine Staff Correspondent, he is also part of the trio behind the Catch Bit Show Podcast. The other two are makers Mike Moran and Jason Ritchie. Mark dropped by last week to talk knives with the trio, and you can listen to it on your favorite podcast service.

We’ve got a great episode today with lots of inside baseball for those that like to be in the know! Neal, Jason, and Mike are joined by Mark Zalesky, publisher of Knife Magazine for a fun and fact-filled episode.

Jason is laid up with a bad wrist.Mike talks about the traditional Eureka pattern he made.The 4 guys pontificate on pocket knife nomenclature.We go a little deep on the history of the “Eureka” pattern.Mark talks about how he came into running Knife Magazine.We get the scoop on the digital strategy of the magazine.Get the the inside story on Goins!Find out how you move a seven foot knife across the country.and many other fun stories!Get signed up for Knife magazine!

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