Men’s Journal: Inside Benchmade, America’s Largest Knife Factory

An hour south of Portland, Oregon, in a mixed-use neighborhood backed up against Mt. Hood National Forest, is an unassuming two-story building with a large butterfly logo on the front. Adjacent to a large cinema, the country clerk, a few apartments, and a performing arts center, its drab, mall-like exterior isn’t exactly what one envisions when invited to tour the largest knife factory in the country.

Yet, as I would learn, the simple facade is emblematic of what Benchmade Knives stands for: blue collar ethos and a deep attention to customer needs. Inside, the space is much larger than I’d assumed. In total, a 144,000-square-foot facility that houses a small storefront, corporate headquarters, research lab, the factory floor, and distribution. The family-owned knife maker tests, fabricates, and ships all of their products here—spanning tactical, hunting, cutlery, and other specialized lines.

I would love to visit Benchmade. If the article listed the metric by which “largest” is gauged, I missed it. Buck was pretty massive, and I think Case is up there too. But there is no denying the quality of the blades being put out by Benchmade. I think my Bugout is as close to perfect of an EDC as there is.

Very cool look behind the scenes.

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