Mirror Finish Knife

Mirror Finishing – by Del Corsi

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Mirror Finishing -by Del Corsi

One of the most spectacular looks on a knife blade is a well-done mirror finish. For some reason we are really attracted to bright, shiny things that produce reflections. A mirror is never very far away. When it comes to knives, a mirror finish done well is a thing of beauty – but poorly done, it highlights every blemish. I read somewhere that the first man-made mirrors were made of polished stone such as black volcanic glass obsidian. I know that obsidian makes a terrific knife or tool, it has an exquisite shine as well. Is it possible that these were the first mirror finished knives?
Personally, I love the look of highly polished blades, and especially relish the challenge of bringing a knife to a high-level finish. I am eager to provide a look into a few methods used to achieve this type of finish. This could simply be a how-to story on a few different ways to polish a blade, but it is so much more. Don’t get me wrong, there will be a wealth of basic and next level information for those interested in learning how to accomplish, or perfect the process. The goal is to showcase two very different methods of achieving a polished finish, but another aspect is to highlight the artistic nature of this process. While there is no chrome plating involved, as you will see, we do use a whack of green chrome polishing compound!

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