Missing your January print issue? Please read on…

Howdy folks. We are receiving scads of emails and calls from folks who have not received their January issue. We promise you it was sent. We have contacted our printer who assures us that they went out on time, and that there were no errors with importing the subscription database.

The USPS is a mess right now. According to my local branch, there are many facilities which have multiple tractor trailers sitting in their lots unsorted. I sent my family’s Christmas gifts on 12/6 using Priority Mail. They arrived on 1/10.  And that was Priority.

Magazines are shipped 3rd Class, which means they are at the bottom of the queue. We assure you your issue is on its way.

In the mean time you have a couple of options. First, if you would like us to send you a fresh copy manually through First Class Mail, we can do that, but we ask that you give it until this Friday, Jan. 22, for your issue to arrive before requesting a new issue be sent.

If you are willing to be patient, here is a digital copy to tide you over. Password is “ThanksUSPS”

Protected: January 2021 issue (password required) for Print Subscribers

Whatever you decide, please feel free to reach out to clay(at)knifemagazine.com, and I will see about helping you out.

Thank you for your patience folks.