Nemo Knives Review: Delica K390 with Lynch Titanium Scales

I got the chance to get that customized Delica through Henri Ramsey, a Spydiefriend from the Facebook French Spyderco Fan Club.

The K390 Delica has always been a monster of pocket knife (click on the name to go to my old review of the Delica with buffed sprint alloy). The thin blade mixed with the super tool steel allow (K390) alloy has proven to be amazing for hardchore.
From their Seki Japan plant, Spyderco is producing many different K390 model, folders and fixed blades. The Stretch 2 being highly regarded as one of their best design.

So here you got an incredibly tough, strong and wear resistant blade on scales produced by Lynch. A typical Sal Glesser design: performance first !

But Lynchnw has taken that game to another league with their scale:

A few years ago Casey put out a very limited run of the LynchNW MOD 1 Delica 4 and some scale sets. This is our newest Delica MOD 2 Titanium Scale Kit, modifying your choice of Delica 4 Knife with a set of Custom Titanium scales, featuring a forward finger choil, blade profiled scale holes, smooth bellied profile, a custom titanium back-spacer, enlarged lanyard hole, and a custom designed deep carry titanium clip. ” To quote site.”

“Pimp my Delica” is an interesting take. ALways seen it as one of the more utilitarian Spydies, but people are people, and nothing is good enough in its stock form.

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