Nemo Knives Review: QSP PENGUIN PLUS

As I was looking for a big not threatening folder, I was studying different wharncliff designs or sheepfoot blades for that matter.
Ending my quest with that little Spyderco wonder in the previous review: the Dragonfly.

But my need for a more longer blade (especially in the kitchen) was still on and then I have found that QS130XL-B – QSP Penguin Plus Titane.
Same specs as my beloved D2 Blue Denim Micarta QSP but everything is different because this is the Penguin PLUS with:
A longer blade. Blade length 8,6 cm.Blade thickness 3,5 mm.
A flipper.
A titanium handle
A 20CV DLC longer blade.
Length closed 11,4 cm.
Ceramic ball bearing..
Lockbar insert.
Titanium clip.

Weight 127g.

The price was 7 times the price of my first Penguin on in Vesoul, France. Great bargain and great service.

Always nice to read one of Nemo’s reviews. It pleases me that there is a glimmer of knife culture still burning in Europe.

Read the whole thing:

QSP PENGUIN PLUS – Titanium and 20CV blade. Revenge of the Emperor penguin ?