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New Custom Knife Giveaway from TM Hunt

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One of the diversions I have enjoyed the most throughout the Great Hunkering has been giving away knives. We have been giving away Browning Knives in our weekend open threads, we have given away a Spyderco Native for our first Crossword Contest. I will be putting up another crossword soon, and will announce our Word Search winner of the Al Mar S.E.R.E., and today I am announcing the winner of the Jamin Brackett (, and our new giveaway from .

Jamin is a full-time Police Sergeant, part-time custom maker, and a regular writer for Knife Magazine. He has been a great supporter of the magazine, and we are extremely grateful for the prize donation. While we always are appreciative of the production knives we get to give away, but those are a marketing transaction for a large company. A custom knife is literally giving away a piece of a maker’s life and some would even say soul. It is special in a way that even the nicest production knife will never be. We drew number 107, which was one of the subscriber bonus slots for our winner – James C.

Congratulations sir.

Our next custom giveaway comes from knifemaker Todd Hunt of TM Hunt Custom Knives. ( Click the image below to enter.

As has been the case in our previous custom giveaways, your first entry is free when you fill out the form. Print subscribers who check “Yes” get an automatic second entry, as do existing Online Premium Members who check the box for Premium. If you are not yet a premium subscriber, Print subscribers get a 50% discount, and new Online Premium Members can save 25% by ordering at the time you register for the contest. Again, click the image above to start the process of entering or subscribing. Full contest details available here.

I have know Todd for several years, through both my old blog The Truth About Knives, but also through the Beckerheads. He used to host weekly Facebook video chats (he still does from time to time) and I would drop by along with David Andersen, Dan Eastland, and others of my inner knife industry circle. David profiled Todd back at TTAK as part of our 5 from the Grinder series. You can check it out here:

5 from the Grinder with T.M. Hunt

You can also learn more about Todd on the Knife Perspective Podcast:


A big thank you to Todd for his generous donation.

Good Luck everyone.