New 2023 Cold Steel Knives

New for 2023: Cold Steel – It’s Mayhem out there!

Cold Steel Meyhem that is. If you pardon me the blatant SEO play in the title and first sentence, the Mayhem is worth the buzz it is getting. It features Cold Steel’s proprietary Atlas Lock, which made its debut last year on the Engage folder. Here is what I had to say about that then…

The Mayhem is the Engage on steroids.

I must say that the knife exudes “Cold Steel” in every way. GSM seems to be doing a good job carrying on Lynn Thompson’s legacy, and this knife is the perfect example of that.

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You can see the press release on the Mayhem here.

Cold Steel “Pushes the Edge” with the New Mayhem Folding Knife

That isn’t all that is new from Cold Steel.

David Andersen has been lobbying the production companies to produce affordable competition chopper for Bladesports. Cold Steel has partnered with 2022 Champion Jimislash (Josh Balay) to finally bring one to market.


You can really see how excited he is about this in the video.

There is a new clip point Lynn Thompson Signature TI Lite, A spear point that attaches to a threaded broomstick, and much more.

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