New Gaetan Beauchamp Giveaway and White River Knife Winners Announced

Several folks have inquired about the January White River drawing, and as it turns out, the person whom I had drawn did not reply to multiple emails, so we will be drawing for both White River knives today. In keeping as close to the original spirit of the contest, the first winner drawn will have their choice of knife – either the Firecraft 7 (FC7) or the FC 3.5 Pro. Winner #2 gets the other.

So without further ado, let’s draw some winners.

Congrats to Robert S. and Fred S.

I have already fired off a couple of emails, and as soon as I hear back I will send out the knives.

Looking ahead now, our next drawing is for a one of a kind piece by Canadian knifemaker Gaetan Beauchamp. Not only is he a world-class knifemaker, he is one of the best scrimshanders in the business.

We have covered Gaetan extensively in print. There is the cover article from July 2016 which chronicles the man himself:

I will be posting the article above in a standalone post early next week.

We also featured Gaetan as the subject of a two part series on how to Scrimshaw. While we are going to make these free as well, I am going to hide them here as an Easter Egg for the time being. I need to caucus with Mark about giving them away in a more widely broadcast post.


You can read these two articles by clicking on the blue boxes below:

How to Part 1: Basic Scrimshaw

Basic Scrimshaw

How to Part 2: Reverse Scrimshaw

Reverse Scrimshaw


Remember: All registered users get one entry. If you are a Print Subscriber, you can get a second and even third entry of you are a print and/or Premium Digital subscriber. Just answer affirmatively on your entry form, and your bonus entries will be recorded automatically.

Good luck everyone.