New Years Open Thread: Farewell 2021, you won’t be missed.

Howdy Folks…

What a slog it has been. But 2021 is leaving the building. Hopefully, in aggregate 2022 will be better, but it isn’t like the world magically changes when the calendar turns.

Better be prepared.

This year has been strange. The WuFlu pandemic has been in the background the whole time, but in the Free State of Tennessee, things have been mostly back to normal. Just suckier. Those areas that aren’t are exclusively negative, whether it is inflation, service issues, shortages of stupid but necessary things, and the non-stop berating from the “Branch Covidians”.

No such luck. And Omicron likely won’t pass you up either.

It looks like the best way to get through this is to be vaccinated and then acquire natural immunity by catching it with your immune system primed.

So take some Nyquil. Odds are overwhelming that you will be fine.

That said, I am bowing out of SHOT Show this year. Mark will still be there, but it seems like the 3rd week in January is going to be a really sketchy time to join 40k of your closest friends for a Trade Show in Vegas. My in-laws live with us, and my MIL is undergoing chemo. So no SHOT for me. I don’t much feel like golfing in a lightening storm.

Speaking of me. I am that dad…

How was everyone’s respective Christmas or holiday analog? Anyone have any big New Years plans? Anything happening at the Brewery Jason?

I am staying home and watching Football. And Die Hard, our family’s New Year tradition.

Mark R. gets a “token” from last week’s drawing. He joins Cmeat, Steve T. and David McCarty as “chip holders” in our Spartan Blades knife giveaway. You must be drawn twice to win the knife. Or once more in the case of our lucky 4.

Usual rules apply. Up to 5 comments or replies are your entries. If youa re new to the blog, your comments will be held in moderation until I can approve them. After that, your comments will be posted immediately.

Since there are no knife shows this weekend, I will get to our off topic memes.


Are you one of them?

So that’s where they come from…


Anyone watch the launch?  I missed this one. I try to stream launches whenever I can. I was an astronaut-junkie as a kid.


Since we are done with Christmas movies.

Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself…


And on that note, I am going to wrap things up for tonight. I wish all y’all a wonderful and safe 2022. Thanks for reading.

Actual photo of me gathering memes for the WOT.