NewAtlas: Limited-run Opinel folding knife wears gorgeous Nordic birch handle

Opinel’s original and timeless No. 08 folding knife has gotten even prettier. The new Sampo Curly Birch limited edition 08 trades out the already classic wood handle for one made from a special Nordic silver birch. The new design adds a unique splash of depth and color to a knife that’s already one of the most naturally aesthetic available, and it does so at a fraction of the price that other special edition knives might set you back.

In a global marketplace increasingly defined by polarized choices between cheap, poorly built knock-offs and well-made originals with exorbitant price tags, we’re always excited to find designs that are both well-made and affordable. We consider Opinel’s lineup of folding knives to be an archetypal example. Its folders are made in the French Alps, feature a simple, functional design that just works, and are more beautiful than most, to boot. We particularly like the intuitive ring lock that keeps the blade secure during use and ensures easy open/close.

I nice upgrade to a timeless classic.

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