NewAtlas: MKM multitool sets table with fork and Magnacut knife

It’s an annual tradition – when we put together end-of-year “best of” lists, we inevitably come across something shiny and new that could have made the list had we previously covered it. In this case, it’s the MKM Campo 7 we happened upon when diving into the top multitools of 2023. Leatherman claimed the first multitool use of CPM MagnaCut steel with its Garage 005 special edition, but Italy’s Maniago Knife Makers (MKM) wasn’t far behind in applying the steel to the Campo 7, a basic folding pocket tool with seven implements aimed primarily at camping and outdoor cooking.

More than just a leap onto the MagnaCut train, MKM describes the Campo 7 as the next step in a steady multitool progression. The company has been brainstorming ways of improving the basic Swiss Army-style pocket tool that has already taken on about as many forms and functions as the human mind can devise. It landed on the idea of using better blade steel and pursued it first with the M390 steel in its Malga 6 and now with MagnaCut in the Campo 7.

I want one. I already reached out to Igor to see if he can send us one.

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