NewAtlas: Modular multitool lets you carry exactly what you need

The Roxon Flex isn’t like other multitools, in that you decide which tools it incorporates. Up to 10 tools can be added to the base unit, plus others can be purchased and swapped in as needed.

Looking a bit like Roxon’s Flash S803 multitool at first glance, the Flex features a stainless steel body that’s divided into two arms which are connected by an included fold-out set of steel pliers/wire cutters.

Each arm has five slots into which the buyer inserts the system-specific tools of their choice. Costing anywhere from $3 to $8 each, these items are selected when ordering the US$40 body. There is no minimum required order, and plastic spacers are included to fill any slots not occupied by tools.

This is not the first time this idea has been tried. But someday, someone is going to nail it.

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