NewAtlas: Titanium multi-tool packs a ratcheting driver and an everlasting pencil

So yes, there are indeed a ton of multi-tools on Kickstarter and Indiegogo right now. One of the latest distinguishes itself, however, by including tools such as an “everlasting” pencil and a ratcheting drive socket.

Called the Titanium Multi-Function Pry Bar, the device is manufactured by outdoor gear company EDC Monster. And true to its name, it is indeed made of Grade 5 titanium (the most commonly used type), and it does incorporate a pry bar for removing lids, pulling out nails, and other prying-type tasks.

I see a ton of multitool prototypes come through my content trawl, and only a small fraction of those interest me enough to share to the Newsfeed. I am _really_ intrigued by the robustness of the ratcheting driver.

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