Nextool modernizes the multitool with 10-bit electric driver

The all-new 13-in-1 Gemini from Nextool looks like a basic folding multitool at first blush. It centers around a pair of pliers with needle-nose tips and wire cutters and also includes several cutting, opening and driving implements. What sets the Gemini apart from the rest of the multitool pack is its integrated electric screwdriver, which works with a series of 10 included driver bits to make fast work out of tightening and loosening screws on the likes of small electronics and eyeglasses. Old-school utility meets new-school convenience.

Integrated directly into the end of one of the Gemini’s folding arms/plier handles, the driver socket works with the accompanying sleeve of 10 flat, slotted and Torx steel bits. The integrated 230-mAh lithium battery provides enough power for an estimated 500 screws and recharges via USB Type C.

Not my cup of tea, but if I were someone who was taking apart computer hardware frequently, I can imagine finding it useful

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