NotTheBee: The US Attorney who prosecuted the J6 Lectern Guy was arrested for STABBING ANOTHER DRIVER

One of the prosecutors who worked to throw Adam Johnson, the infamous January 6th “Lectern Guy,” into jail was just arrested for an INSANE road rage incident.

Patrick Douglas Scruggs, a US Attorney in the Tampa Bay area, allegedly got out of his car and used his pocket knife to repeatedly stab a man who hit his car. Photos show the victim holding his bloody arms out the window as if pleading for mercy.

In a public Facebook post that has since been taken down or set to private, Tara Jex Iglinski said she came upon the incident as it was unfolding. Iglinski’s post said she saw a man “holding the knife and I saw the arms of the guy sticking out the window like he was pleading for help – and his arms were all cut up.”

Photos accompanying the post show a man holding a knife and standing next to a car with the driver holding out bloody, outstretched arms.

That’s one way to handle an accident. An insane, violent, and very illegal way, but a way nonetheless.

I doubt he will be handled with the same Javert-like prosecution as the J6 protesters. Because shut up plebe.

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Lecturn Guy has gone on to be a meme staple…