OnMilwaukee profiles The Sharpening Company

While folks regularly hire trusted professionals for a wide range of household tasks, from dry cleaning their clothing and shampooing their carpets to mowing their lawns, it’s remarkable how many people don’t consider using a professional sharpening service for their kitchen knives and garden tools.

After all, hiring a professional saves time and ensures that your knives and tools are performing at their best (and safest) level while giving you the confidence that the job was done right (the first time).

Just ask Cody Berg, owner of The Sharpening Company, who launched his professional sharpening company in 2021.

“People really don’t think about the need for knife sharpening,” he says. “And many people don’t have any idea that they can renew the performance of their scissors, garden shears and shovels just by having them sharpened.”

I will always run a local news story about a local knife maker or knife related business. So please send them to me when you find them. I like how they have partnered with a local brewery. Seems like a great arrangement.

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