OutdoorHub: Dexter Outdoors Brings 2 NEW Dextreme Knives

When you take home some fish for the dinner table, you need a fillet knife to clean them, and for that Dexter Outdoors has you covered. Being in the cutlery industry for over 200 years now Dexter Outdoors has brought out their newest fillet knives to ICAST 2023 with two additions to their Dextreme line of knives. The Dextreme 8″ Max Flex Fillet Knife and the Dextreme Dual Edge 10″ Tiger Edge Knife. These fillet knives were made due to demands of a longer serrated breaker knife for the rapid breakdown of large fish with big scales and for an even more flexible knife for running tight to the bones and skin of fish during the filleting process.

I am not familiar with Dexter, but apparently they are a respected player in the fish processing space. I haven’t fished much the past few years, and can’t remember the last fish I kept.

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[ICAST 2023] Dexter Outdoors Brings 2 NEW Dextreme Knives