Master of the Forge; William F. Moran Jr. and His Classic Blades by B.R. Hughes & C. Houston Price


A full-color, hardcover book about the world’s premier bladesmith and his classic blades. A collectible in itself, this book tells the story of Moran’s life as a bladesmith with over 200 photographs. Hardcover, 216 pp.


The original full-color, hard cover book about the world’s premier bladesmith, Bill Moran, and his classic blades.

Knives made by Moran are rarely found for sale and are such highly valued collectibles that many of us could never own one. The next best thing is owning this coffee table book featuring his hand-forged creations in full color. Destined to be a collectible in itself, this 216 page book tells the story of Moran’s half century as a bladesmith, as well as the founding and growth of the American Bladesmith Society.

This beautiful coffee table book pictures more Moran knives than have ever before been shown in print, illustrated in more than 200 photographs. Knife photo sections include Bowies, Classic Daggers, Combat Knives, Camp Knives, Utility Knives, Folders and miscellaneous treasures from the famous forge. The knife photographs are accompanied by descriptions as well as Moran’s own comments about each collectible piece.

This volume has been printed in a limited quantity of 2400 hard cover Collector Editions and 100 genuine leather bound Premier Editions. The leather bound books quickly sold out, but a limited quantity of Collector Editions are still available. No reprints will be done; all plates have been destroyed.

Below are a few samples of the beautiful illustrations from Master of the Forge.

Hardcover, 216 pp.

ISBN 0-940362-48-1


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