Rocking & Rolling: Knifemaker Steve Hill

Rocking & Rolling: Knifemaker Steve Hill

By Del Corsi

Singer, guitarist, comedian – knifemaker to the stars! Steve Hill is well known throughout the knifemaking world for his incredible automatic and folding knives. His unique creations check every box when it comes to both form and function. Just like that proverbial onion though, the layers to this man’s talent appear endless.
That ‘knifemaker to the stars’ moniker is almost an understatement. The legendary musicians who carry and have collected his knives happen to include some of the biggest names in the music industry; David Crosby, Johnny Depp, James Taylor, Stevie Ray Vaughan, the members of Aerosmith, these are just a few. A photo on Hill’s website shows the iconic Steven Tyler holding one of Steve’s “Pirate Boy” folders in his mouth, because “that’s how ya carry a pirate blade.” Steve added that this legendary frontman refers to the “big ten inch” knife made by Hill as his “favorite possession.” Photos are proudly displayed on Hill’s website with links to the Aerosmith site.

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Steve Hill

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