Sneak Peek: KNIFE Magazine January 2024 issue

The New Year is a time to look forward, and what better is there to look forward to than the January 2024(!) issue of KNIFE Magazine?

This issue caught me off guard, when Press Day came a week ahead of when I thought it was, but things came together great, and as usual fans of Antique, Military, and Modern production knives are all represented, as well as a piece on Social Media’s crackdown on knife content.

Likewise, all of our regular columns are back and as good as ever. Bruce Voyles’ “End of an Era” essay in his “Bruce on the Loose” column struck me as particularly poignant.

The  issue is in the mail on the way to Subscribers, and Premium Digital Members will be able to see the issue online just after the first of the year.

Happy 2024 Everyone!