Spyderco Reveal 15 is here (pdf within)

Welcome to Spyderco’s “Reveal” Volume 15, our first new-product announcement of 2024 and a supplement to our comprehensive annual Product Guide.

The contents of this Reveal reflect the broad scope of our product line and our deep commitment to offering Reliable High Performance™ through the widest selection of blade steels in the industry. Leading that pack are new versions of the popular Sage™ 5 and Sage™ 5 Lightweight showcasing CPM® REX® 121®—a remarkable US-made tool steel capable of extreme hardness and unparalleled edge retention.

They are joined by a version of the Stretch™ 2 XL Lightweight featuring K390 tool steel and several new additions to our elite CPM SPY27® family, including the first Taiwanese-made knives to feature our proprietary American blade steel.

From a design perspective, we are also proud to announce several knives that are new, yet very familiar. Fans of acclaimed custom knifemaker Marcin Slysz will be thrilled to see that we have faithfully translated the latest version of his coveted “Mouse” model to the flipper-opening Techno™ 3. We have upgraded the incredibly popular Tenacious™ to include versions featuring blue-anodized solid titanium scales, a Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.), and a choice of blade and hardware finishes. And, for those who have either a need or a preference for non-locking folders, we are also excited to share a SLIPIT™ version of our best-selling Chaparral® featuring handsome birdseye maple scales.

Many steel aficionados respect CPM® CRU-WEAR® for its superior balance of edge retention and toughness. We are therefore extremely excited to introduce a seven-knife Sprint Run™ family showcasing Micro-Melt® PD#1—Carpenter® Technology’s proprietary equivalent of CRU-WEAR. Similarly, we have resurrected a true classic, the original Temperance™ fixed blade, as a Sprint Run. It is supercharged with a CPM CRU-WEAR blade, has a distinctive gray-colored handle, and is complemented by a matching red-handled trainer.

Finally, we are proud to be among the first companies to offer a blade crafted from VG XEOS®, an exclusive new Japanese steel. Fittingly, that blade is the newest member of our remarkable Mule Team™ project, which provides steel-obsessed knife enthusiasts a consistent platform for performance testing.

No matter what type of knife enthusiast you are, we are confident this Reveal will have something to suit your personal needs and tastes. Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in us and for being a valued member of the Spyderco community.

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