Spyderco Reveal 7 showcases Q1 releases

Spyderco changed their new product announcement format a couple of years ago. Instead of teasing knives which are months from production and dodging release date questions on their forum for an indefinite period, they broke the year up into a series of “Reveal Books” which showcase the new knives that are available or just shy of release.

Click on the image above to be taken to Spyderco Reveal Book 7.

Perhaps most noteworthy among the lineup of new knives are the slipjoints. There is the SLIPIT Lil’ Native, the UK Pen Knife has been given the SALT treatment, and the Italian made Roadie blends traditional function with a style that is uniquely Spyderco.

There are several existing models which have been given K390 blades and sport the distinctive blue handle color of the K390 line. There are Sprint Runs as one would expect, and vibrant pink versions of the Dragonfly 2 which support the Pink Heals charity.

Our buddy David C. Andersen sat down with Eric Glesser to talk about some of the new knives. Check it out:

Hopefully I will have a chance to video chat with Eric or Joyce in the near future to learn more firsthand. We will keep you posted as these knives start reaching customers and face review.